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Lawyer Engagement

The 4 Motivators that Influence Lawyer Behavior

By Lindsey Martin on July, 26 2019

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Lindsey Martin


mannequin-head-brain-areas-map-psychologyWith increased competition and a growing number of market disruptors, law firms recognize that they cannot afford to remain complacent about business development. In a survey of over 400 legal marketers and business development professionals, 85% of respondents believed strategies to win new business have shifted considerably in the last few years.

However, convincing lawyers to engage in business development remains a challenge. Marketers have a hard time holding lawyers accountable for their pursuits unless the proper incentives are in place.

Thats why I'd like to offer a free training presentation to you and your marketing team:

This 30-minute interactive webinar will provide strategic takeaways that can be applied at the CMO level and will also be a useful training opportunity for junior marketers. You will learn:

  • Four tools you can use to motivate lawyers to engage in business development.
  • Psychological research on the lawyer personality type (and how to work with it).
  • The latest industry research on high-ROI initiatives that increase engagement.

Let me know if you would like to receive this presentation. Feel free to email me at Lindsey@ackertinc.com or book a time in my calendar.




Lindsey Martin is the Business Development Director at Ackert Inc. She leads the company's business development strategy and execution. She is an accomplished rainmaker with over 15 years of business development experience in the professional services and software industries working with middle market and fortune 500 companies. Lindsey brings a 360-degree view of the client experience to her business development strategy; prior to her sales leadership roles, she developed significant expertise in client service and event planning across multiple verticals.


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