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Podcast: "Accelerating Law Firm Practice with Legal Process Outsourcing" featuring Karen Katz of Mindcrest

By Aaron Garcia on October, 5 2017

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Aaron Garcia

Aaron Garcia is the Marketing Coordinator at Ackert Inc. Aaron comes from a varied background that has included working as a professional photographer and music producer as well as running an amateur sports team. At Ackert Inc., he is responsible for many processes including marketing campaign execution, video / blog content creation, and graphic & web design. His role also includes product troubleshooting and vendor relations, go-to-market planning and market research. Aaron started his career in eCommerce bicycle retail industry sales, which later led him down the marketing path. During his role at an industry-leading retailer he was instrumental in a large-scale rebranding initiative. He managed and executed product photography for the company as well as a wide variety of original content including video, blog and social. His efforts contributed to unprecedented growth in the company during his role. Aaron holds a BA in Economics and Administrative Studies from University of California, Riverside.

Join David Ackert as he interviews Karen Katz, Senior Director of Business Development at Mindcrest in the latest episode of the Market Leaders Podcast.


Tune in to hear David and Karen discuss:

  • How Mindcrest's process-driven approach, incorporating KPIs, data analysis and technology enhances how law firms perform high-volume, detail-oriented legal work
  • How advances in process-driven approaches, automation and AI can free up attorney time and help law firms be more efficient, effective and profitable
  • Karen’s views on how globalization, legal outsourcing, AI, new technology and changing regulations on the legal industry are changing the role of the law firm in business 

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