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Dirty Words: "Business Development"

 “Business Development.” Ick. The very term sounds dry and cold and heavy. No wonder so many service professionals resist it. “Marketing” isn’t much better. I prefer “Friendmaking” because new business comes from people who know, like, and trust...

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How to Build Rapport with a Prospective Client

Making a good impression on a new prospective client can be challenging, especially if you have only a few minutes to build rapport. Typically, an initial meeting begins with small talk. When it’s too generic (“can you believe this weather?”), it...

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2 Business Development Myths Dispelled

Myth #1: If I reach out to a client or prospect with the intention of securing more work, it will appear as though I'm not successful.

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3 Tips for Better Client Satisfaction

You can satisfy your clients' expectations as long as you deliver excellent service. But you won't earn their appreciation until you focus on how they feel. To illustrate this point, consider a study published in the Journal of Applied Social...

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How to Deal with Unresponsive Prospects

 We all experience bedrock—those stubborn obstacles where it simply isn't possible to "power through.” Whether it's exhaustion, burnout, an endless document or a difficult personality, sometimes the only approach that works is to step away and...

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4 Leadership Qualities for Better Business

If you were part of a large organization with a formal leadership development program, you would receive training on the principles that would empower your stewardship of the company’s future.

 But as a service professional, you mostly have to...

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How Much Time Do You Really Need to Spend on Business Development?

Any professional who is tasked with selling the service they provide has to contend with the opposing forces of developing business and servicing their clients. How do you strike a proper balance between doing existing work and bringing in...

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3 Steps to a Meaningful Connection on LinkedIn

Sure, LinkedIn is useful if you want to network broadly, but as a business development platform, it's kind of like McDonald's: fast, cheap, and forgettable. In just a few minutes you can add a dozen strangers to your pool of connections and...

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Are You Trusting Your Gut or Your Gutlessness?

Learn the difference between your “gut” and your gutlessness. As you are hunting for new business, it will occur to you to take actions that are beyond your comfort zone. In most cases, your survival instinct will take over and dissuade you from...

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How to Become 40% More Productive

While the human race has made significant advancements in the last few centuries, I think we still have a lot of evolving to do. I’m reminded of this whenever I pull up to a stoplight and see the driver next to me texting. "What an idiot,” I...

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