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The Sign of an Effective Pitch

If you play your cards right, your various business development efforts will culminate in pitch opportunities with your prospective clients. The pitch meeting is your moment to shine. You’ll only get one shot to dazzle them, so it’s important to get it right. 

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Unfortunately, most advisors tend to dominate these meetings with demonstrations of their expertise, rather than focusing on questions that illuminate the nuances of the client’s problem. Keep in mind that a pitch is an opportunity, above all else, to show off your listening skills. 

Once you have articulated your knowledge of the client’s issues and identified some of the solutions you think will be helpful, circle back and confirm your assumptions with the client. Ask them if there is anything they would add to your characterization and modify your solution based on their input. This practice will ensure that your next pitch is neither tone-deaf or off-base. Best of all, you’ll find that the prospect talks more than you do, and that’s a sign of an effective pitch.

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