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How to Earn Client Loyalty

Each day we work our way through a seemingly endless influx of emails, deadlines, and client demands. Perhaps as a survival mechanism, we tell ourselves that if we can just keep our heads above water and meet our client’s service expectations, we...


4 Ways to Track Event ROI

I have always loved pie charts. Maybe it’s because they provide an easy graphical representation of allocations. Maybe it’s because they remind me of dessert. But if you run a quick report on the line items in your marketing budget, you’ll find...


How to Predict Your Future Success

How do you know your firm is successful? Most of us answer this question by examining our revenue history. If the firm did better last year than the year before (and the year before that), we project an upward trend into the future and celebrate....


5 Metrics that Measure Success

Ad hoc. That's the primary theme when it comes to most people's business development effort. When our schedule lightens up, we do some networking. When things get busy, business development grinds to a halt.

What's the ROI for all the lunches and...


Three Ideas for Data-Driven Marketing Initiatives to Try at your Firm

 Our latest semester of the BD Institute: Legal Marketing Technology is now underway. This 3-month remote training course provides a series of 5 webinars focusing on how to leverage the latest legal marketing technology for better business...


Applying an Industry Focus to Business Development

Consider this: your clients have business problems. And while the legal and financial components to those problems may drive the need for your services, they are not your clients' primary focus. They are the occasional obstacles that can...


Assuming the Worst

I know, you're really busy. And in spite of your best efforts, the occasional email and voicemail will slip through the cracks.


A Course of Inaction

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that I write a lot about what you can do to improve your business development. Do this. Do that. Get more clients. Grow your book of business.


The Best Business Development Strategies for Large Law Firms

Is bigger better? Here are the strongest business development strategies for large law firms.


The Best Business Development Strategies for Small Law Firms

Is smaller better? It most definitely can be.

Small law firms, broadly defined as boasting a lawyer count of 20-200 attorneys, tend to specialize in a smaller number of practice and industry areas and often command a very strong local presence,...


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