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The Best Business Development Strategies for Large Law Firms

Is bigger better? Here are the strongest business development strategies for large law firms.


The Best Business Development Strategies for Small Law Firms

Is smaller better? It most definitely can be.

Small law firms, broadly defined as boasting a lawyer count of 20-200 attorneys, tend to specialize in a smaller number of practice and industry areas and often command a very strong local presence,...


3 Reasons You Should Attend BDI: Legal Marketing Technology

It's no question; legal marketing is one of today's fastest-evolving industries. In an increasingly competitive legal market, marketers are tasked with differentiating their firm from the masses of similar competitors – no small feat.


4 Tactics for Your Next Networking Lunch

Professional networking is crucial to successful business development, but it is often an aimless, inefficient endeavor. It mostly consists of strangers in suits making small talk over lunch in search of “synergies.”

I reduced my participation in...


Best Business Development Strategies for Midsize Law Firms

It's good to be in the middle.

Midsize firms, broadly defined as boasting a lawyer count of 200-700 lawyers, often find themselves at odds with Big Law – where they can maintain a super-regional or even national presence but may lack the sheer...


Appreciation Fosters Client Loyalty

It is much harder to acquire a new client than it is to keep an existing one. That’s why it’s critical to do everything you can to improve the loyalty of your clients. Some would argue that providing quality service is sufficient to ensure...


The Business Development Training Pyramid: A Scalable Model for Affordable Coaching

One of the most salient insights we learned from our recent market-wide study was that not all business development training is created equal. Different firms, practice areas, industry groups, and lawyers require different types of...


Webinar Highlights: Business Development Trends Across Law Firm Demographics

Watch the video for a 15-minute summary of our 2018 market-wide study. You will learn:

  • Which marketing initiatives are a waste of money and which yield a high ROI.
  • The most effective type of BD coaching for the different groups of lawyers within...

5 Business Development Strategies in a #MeToo World



The Sign of an Effective Pitch

If you play your cards right, your various business development efforts will culminate in pitch opportunities with your prospective clients. The pitch meeting is your moment to shine. You’ll only get one shot to dazzle them, so it’s important to...


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