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Thanksgiving in December?


As you enter the final month of the year, you may look ahead to the next thirty-one days with mixed feelings. The good news: there will be numerous opportunities to socialize, rekindle dormant contacts, and celebrate your holiday of choice. The...


The Key to Networking is Quality Over Quantity

In a time when the typical contact database lists over a thousand names, and active LinkedIn members have 500+ connections,the conventional thinking seems to be that whoever has the biggest network wins.


Podcast: Budget 2018 - 5 Things a Marketer Should Know with Susan Longo

Budget season can be a stressful time for marketers. With different firm initiatives jockeying for attention and budget dollars for the coming year, marketing leaders are given the daunting task of justifying their budgets while simultaneously...


3 Ways to Initiate Client Conversations

As any experienced business developer will tell you, conversations are the key to client engagements. When you are face-to-face with the people who can hire you, it's only a matter of time before they mention an issue that you can help them solve.


Which Comes First, Success or Fulfillment?

Most of us have it backwards. We tell ourselves some version of this story: “Once I make enough money or find that perfect mate or land that big client, I’ll be happy.” We believe that outer success will naturally lead to personal satisfaction....


5 Principles for Effective Leadership


3 Reasons Why You’ll Read This Email

When it comes to business communication, most of us use email more than any other forum. I don’t know about your mother, but mine never sent me to email finishing school, so I had to learn to write effective emails the hard way. As with any trial...


How to Influence Change During Uncertain Times

With the end of summer looming ahead, the recurring theme that seems to be defining the season is uncertainty. Many of my clients have expressed some version of this feeling, between the latest surge of hacks and cyberattacks, the disconcerting...


3 Do's and 3 Don'ts to Maintain BD Momentum

Your prospective client indicated that they plan to engage your services as soon as the "timing is right.” But that was months ago. Maybe the “right time” will never come. Maybe they were just being nice and never intended to work with you at...


Why Trusting Your Gut Is Key in BD

Naturally, business development is a function of the strategic actions you take and the measurable results you yield, right? Well, yes and no.


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