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3 Business Development Strategies for Conferences and Trade Shows

Today’s fast-growing marketplace makes it more and more necessary to differentiate your services from the ever-rising number of competitors. The best way to stand out is to emphasize a specific expertise or to focus on a client base within a...


How to Add Meaning to Business Relationships

A warm sentiment can either be completely innocuous or the dynamic that adds meaning to our business and personal relationships. It's all in the timing.


Don’t You Forget About Me: 5 Ways to Stay Top-of-Mind

Hi there. Remember me? If not, it’s not your fault. It’s my job to find creative ways to stay relevant and top-of-mind so that, when you come across an appropriate opportunity for business development expertise, you don't forget about me.


3 Ways to Up Your Game as a Legal Professional

Law firms are becoming increasingly complicated institutions. Whether the firm is acclimating from a recent merger or simply bolstering its infrastructure, coordinating the efforts of the lawyers, their administrative staff, and the marketing/BD...


Ackert's Top Blog Posts of 2018

How Much Time Do You Really Need to Spend on Business Development?

Any professional who is tasked with selling the service they provide has to contend with the opposing forces of developing business and servicing their clients. How do you strike...


4 Key Business Development Performance Indicators for Law Firms

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are commonplace in many industries, but surprisingly, many law firms do not track the metrics of their marketing and business development activities.

Overlooking metrics presents a risk; inefficient and low-ROI...


Adrian Dayton and David Ackert’s Top 10 Reads of 2018




5 Things to Remember While Setting and Pursuing Goals

Goal-setting is a motivating exercise unless you take a social media break. Then it gets depressing, real fast. Log on to LinkedIn, Twitter, the blogosphere, or any other professional social media outlet, and you will encounter smiling...


Holiday Schmooze Without the Ooze

Holiday parties are a weird mash-up of alcohol, appetizers, premature Christmas music, and small-talk with strangers. In my experience, whenever two business people try to make conversation for the first time, they rarely form a genuine...


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