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Why You Don't Need New Ideas

By David Ackert on August, 17 2017

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David Ackert

David Ackert is the president and CEO of Ackert, Inc, the company behind PipelinePlus.


business-man-no-new-ideas-thought-bubble.jpgI think of you—my readers—all week long as I ruminate on blog topics you may find valuable. This week, several ideas came to mind, but they were shut down by my inner critic, who repeatedly insisted that “they already know that.”

But then I realized that sending you a new idea may not necessarily be as helpful as reminding you to implement a familiar one. For example, I recently made a list of my clients and saw that there were numerous unrealized opportunities therein. I called a few people on my list, explored how we could help each other, and even picked up some new business—but I quickly became distracted by other deadlines and lost my momentum. The list is displayed prominently on the white board in my office, in plain view, so I don't forget it. I really need to get back to it.

In this instance, I didn’t need a new strategy or some shiny new concept to add to the list of things I already know. I needed to do a better job implementing my existing knowledge.

So today, I invite you to take stock of some familiar strategies that you may not be implementing fully. Dust off your list, revisit your strategic plan, or just pick up the phone and call someone who has hired you in the past and could do so again if only you were top of mind.

In the meantime, I'm going to wrap this up. I've got a list that's calling my name...

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