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'Tis the season for planning and setting goals for the upcoming year. Here are the top initiatives firms are requesting the most from Ackert this budget season:


The current talent war has increased headcounts as many firms look for ways to support their new lateral investments. Executive Coaching helps mid-sized and large firm laterals acclimate to their new environment and institutionalize their clients.


Business Development Training and Leadership Training support your new crop of high potentials so they are incentivized to stay and thrive at your firm long-term.


Client Feedback is more important than ever as work volume increases and clients demand more from their firms. Make sure you know what your clients need from you in 2022, the rates they are expecting to pay, the competitors they might be considering, and the additional services they might engage.  


Midsized firms continue to build out their BD teams, but without the right systems and technologies, they struggle to keep up with internal demands. PIPELINEPLUS enables them to manage and monitor lawyer BD activity, deliver scalable coaching, and manage strategic client opportunities. It also reduces the administrative burden of “seller-doer nudging.”


As marketing tech stacks grow and become more complicated, smaller firms are asking for Customized Dashboards so they can monitor their marketing/business development progress in real time, report wins to firm leadership, and gain better visibility into their metrics.

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PipelinePlus is a sales acceleration platform for busy service professionals. With our quick setup process, users will have a sales pipeline up and running in just five minutes. PipelinePlus prioritizes a user's most important relationships and provides recommendations on how to close new business. Built-in tutorials provide business development best practices so business developers always know what to do next. And our monthly Focus sessions provide a forum for engagement and adoption.

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