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By David Ackert on February, 28 2011

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David Ackert

I feel like James Bond. I'm writing this blog on my Bluetooth keyboard which is wirelessly connected to my iPhone which is also a mini spy camera and a GPS homing device. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. My iPhone does a hundred other things, allowing for the kind of multi-tasking that has become the mark of our age. But lately I've been questioning just how productive it is to do several things at once. So today, for just a few paragraphs, I urge you to consider a radical notion: uni-tasking.

Radical or not, it's one of the keys to effective business development, especially given how often we service professionals fall into the trap of "power networking," where we attend a slew of events and meetings, collect stacks of business cards and fill the database with potential referral sources, and wait for the consequent revenue streams to flood in like the Mississippi. But we inevitably find that all those business cards and vCards add up to less than one good ally—just one person whose thoughtfulness and commitment was earned through singular attention and patience.

This is true of effective social media marketing too. I've found that all the tweeting and Facebooking and LinkedIn updates can create the illusion of multiplicity—of being many places at once. But it all adds up to less than one well-implemented strategy. Try it sometime. Just focus on one LinkedIn group. Get to know it well. Post discussions there. And ignore everything else. You'll get more traction out of those online conversations than a hundred tweets.

We see the same challenge manifest itself in the many roles that come with being a service professional. We are multi-faceted by necessity: Advisor to our clients, Salesperson to our prospects, Administrator to our paperwork, Manager to our team, and somewhere in there we squeeze in the familial roles that await us when we get home. It's impossible to manage them all with any degree of mastery. So this week, I challenge you to uni-task. Pick one thing that will benefit from your full attention. It can be as simple as punctuality, or a neglected ally, or your posture, or your prospective clients. Maybe it's a renewed commitment to your role as manager or spouse. Whatever you choose, place your full attention there and let the emails pile up if they must. You'll find that consistent focus in one area will get you much further than spreading yourself out over a myriad.

Remember, you're not a gadget. You don't have a limitless capacity for new apps. And you aren't a super spy who can fly a helicopter, disarm a ninja, and hot-wire a missile all at the same time. You're just you. And with a little uni-tasking, you can be a slightly better version of yourself by the end of next week.

By David Ackert

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