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3 Ways to Use LinkedIn's Content Search Feature

For years, LinkedIn has allowed us to search for people. Now it allows us to search for what they've posted. Select "Posts" from the search field drop-down menu, type a topic of interest, and the results will include a list of relevant articles...


Is Social Media a Waste of Time?

You’ve tweeted. You’ve friended. You’ve accepted LinkedIn invitations from people you’ve never heard of, and you still don’t have any business to show for it. No wonder you’re on the fence about the usefulness of social media.


Use LinkedIn to Accelerate Your Networking Results

Networking can be a tedious exercise. We meet people. We do lunch. We “explore synergies.” We offer introductions and resources in the hopes that our generosity will be reciprocated. But new relationships rarely yield business right away ...


Are Congratulations in Order?

Last week, Practice Pipeline was a finalist for the Your Honor Award from the NE Chapter of the Legal Marketing Association for its role in Goulston & Storrs’ business development strategy. I did what all business developers are supposed to do...


Should you Upgrade to a LinkedIn Premium Account?

Ah, LinkedIn. It provides a seemingly inexhaustible number of professional connections, interactions, and business opportunities, yet most of us still don't know what to do with it. Perhaps an upgrade to a LinkedIn premium account would fix...


Why Are You Using LinkedIn?

Being on LinkedIn is all well and good, but unless you know why, you can easily get stuck in an unproductive web of meaningless connections.


How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Unless you're independently wealthy or have no interest in originating new clients, you are trying to get hired. You may have job security at your current firm, but you will always be interviewing for your next client.

The preliminary phase of...


David Ackert Presents: LinkedIn Strategies for Business Development

David recently spoke at the Legal Marketing Tech Conference on LinkedIn strategies for business development. This short excerpt includes two simple, effective techniques you can put into action immediately.


To Connect or Not to Connect on LinkedIn

Oh look, some guy from Nepal wants to add you as a LinkedIn connection. You've never been to Nepal. You've never met this Nepalese gentleman. You can't even tell from his title what he does exactly. But what the heck, go ahead and add him to your...


How to Benefit from LinkedIn Endorsements

LinkedIn launched its Endorsements feature last September as a business equivalent to Facebook’s "Like" button. It’s been immensely popular; according to LinkedIn, approximately 10 million Endorsements are given out every day. But whenever I...


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