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Webinar Recap: Calibrating BD Strategies to the Economy
By The Ackert Team on October 4, 2022

As the team at Ackert is talking to law firms, there's a lot of discussion about uncertainty as we head into the coming months and years. Firms are asking questions like, “With this softer...

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Industry Trends

Innovation Takeaways from the College of Law Practice Management Futures Conference | Ackert Inc.
By David Ackert on October 29, 2020

  This year I was honored to be inducted as a Fellow into the College of Law Practice Management. The induction ceremonies occurred during the Futures Conference, where dozens of legal...

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Coaching Industry Trends

Why most business development programs fail (and how to overcome mediocre results).
By Lindsey Martin on May 16, 2019

 By Lindsey Martin

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CRM Industry Trends

Video: The State of Law Firm CRM Software
By Olivia Watson on October 6, 2017

In the Spring of 2015, the Ackert Advisory conducted a a market-wide study on the state of CRM software in law firms. We reviewed the findings of the market-wide study with David Ackert, MA...

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Business Development Industry Trends

The changing nature of law firm business development
By Olivia Watson on April 25, 2017

Collaboration is the Key to Business Development As competition grows more intense in the legal market, firms of all sizes are attempting to identify ways to stand out from the crowd and...

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