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Managing Your Business Development Strategy Using Statistics


Whether you’re a lawyer, a CPA, an RIA or a startup founder, any professional who is tasked with selling the service they provide has to contend with the opposing forces of developing business and servicing their clients. How do you strike a...


Earning a Strategic Seat at the Table Using Data Visualization


Legal marketers, often under-valued and lacking influence in the strategic planning of the firm, have an opportunity to create their own seat at the table.


Build a Dashboard that Showcases Firm Success

With increasing competitive pressures across the industry, law firms that seek to run efficiently are adopting metrics-based approaches. Dashboards are a powerful way to keep firm initiatives aligned with the raw data that powers them.


An Alternative to Technology Integration


You Can't Improve Your Business Development Performance if You Don't Measure it.

Lawyer business development activities are notoriously difficult to tie to ROI given the nebulous quality of winning new work. But it’s important to measure performance with any BD initiative, both to justify its expense to management and to...


5 Metrics that Measure Success

Ad hoc. That's the primary theme when it comes to most people's business development effort. When our schedule lightens up, we do some networking. When things get busy, business development grinds to a halt. What's the ROI for all the lunches and...


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