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Business Development Lawyer Engagement

Culture Shock: How to Energize Business Development Engagement in Law Firms
By Olivia Watson on July 16, 2019

With increased competition and a growing number of market disruptors, law firm business development is more important than ever.

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Business Development Personal Development

You Look Too Young to Be a Rainmaker
By David Ackert on July 9, 2019

As you claw your way up the firm ladder, you will encounter numerous obstacles. Some are internal: partners who steal your originations or firm rhetoric that demands you develop business...

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Market Leaders Podcast Business Development

Podcast: "How To Improve Engagement in Practice Planning" with Deborah Farone
By Olivia Watson on June 25, 2019

Join David Ackert as he interviews Deborah Farone, Strategic Marketing Advisor and Author, in this episode of the Market Leaders Podcast.

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Business Development Pipeline Management Case Study

Case Study: Pipeline Management Success at Cole Schotz P.C.
By Olivia Watson on June 19, 2019

  Erica Rodriguez-Roman shares her strategies for success in increasing lawyer engagement in business development, managing her technology stack, and achieving meaningful ROI.

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Business Development Coaching

From "Meh" to Great: How to Drastically Improve the ROI of Your Business Development Coaching/Training Programs
By David Ackert on June 6, 2019

  When it comes to enabling revenue generation, legal marketers have their work cut out for them. 62% of firms are increasing their emphasis on marketing and business development efforts...

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Market Leaders Podcast Business Development Innovation

Podcast: "Design Thinking in Legal Marketing" with Molly Porter
By Olivia Watson on April 29, 2019

Join David Ackert as he interviews Molly Porter, Director of Marketing at Seyfarth, in this episode of the Market Leaders Podcast.  

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Business Development

3 Ways to Up Your Game as a Legal Professional
By David Ackert on January 29, 2019

Law firms are becoming increasingly complicated institutions. Whether the firm is acclimating from a recent merger or simply bolstering its infrastructure, coordinating the efforts of the...

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Business Development

Ackert's Top Blog Posts of 2018
By Aaron Garcia on January 17, 2019

How Much Time Do You Really Need to Spend on Business Development? Any professional who is tasked with selling the service they provide has to contend with the opposing forces of developing...

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Business Development Key Performance Indicators

4 Key Business Development Performance Indicators for Law Firms
By Aaron Garcia on January 16, 2019

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are commonplace in many industries, but surprisingly, many law firms do not track the metrics of their marketing and business development activities. ...

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Networking Business Development

5 Things to Remember While Setting and Pursuing Goals
By David Ackert on December 28, 2018

Goal-setting is a motivating exercise unless you take a social media break. Then it gets depressing, real fast. Log on to LinkedIn, Twitter, the blogosphere, or any other professional...

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