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Top 6 Tips to Power Up Seller-Doer Sales Success in 2022

By The Ackert Team on November, 17 2021

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Whether you're already using it, or including it in next year's budget, we want to make sure you optimize PIPLELINEPLUS to help meet your 2022 goals. Here are six top tips from PIPELINEPLUS power user firms:

1. Stress Simplicity

It’s no secret seller-doers are busier than ever and have no time for technology that slows them down. Stress to them that PIPELINEPLUS is designed to be fast and easy to use, so they can keep business development on track in just a few moments each week. PIPELINEPLUS looks the same on desktop, laptop, and mobile, too, so seller-doers can conveniently take the next step on an important opportunity any time, from anywhere.


2. Integrate

To minimize the time it takes seller-doers to use PIPELINEPLUS, integrate it with Outlook, your CRM, or your firm’s own calendar platform. In fact, you can connect PIPELINEPLUS to any of your software platforms to make it part of familiar workflows.


3. Leverage Sales and Business Development Training and Coaching

Keep seller-doers motivated to engage with PIPELINEPLUS consistently and to maintain business development momentum. Our experienced coaching team members serve as expert advisors to help maximize seller-doers' business development success.   


4. Hit the Ground Running 

Whether launching PIPELINEPLUS or rolling it out to a new user group, pre-populate profiles and targets to remove obstacles in building adoption momentum.


5. Prioritize Reporting

Frequently review PIPELINEPLUS reports to quickly assess users’ business development activity, strengths, and weaknesses, and continuously improve performance.


6. Make Usage Metrics Count

Hold seller-doers accountable for consistently using PIPELINEPLUS by setting expectations and then integrating activity and results metrics into performance reports and reviews.

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