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The Key to Commerce Is Conversation

By David Ackert on May, 22 2013

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David Ackert

Relax. You've got your bio on a website and a profile on LinkedIn. If your prospects and referral sources really need your services, they will be able to find you. Just mind the phone. It will ring any minute... any minute now.

Here's some bad news for anyone who is waiting for the work to find them: it won't. There's a very scientific reason for this, of course. People are lazy. They don't want to rack their brains to identify the best fit for any particular opportunity. Instead, they will refer whomever is top-of-mind—most likely the person they met for lunch that day. And if that wasn't you, your phone will ring a lot less often than you'd like.

Someday I will discover the magic formula for business development. When I do, I promise to blog about it from my Florentine villa, but in the meantime, here's a rule of thumb that will boost your business activity: have more conversations. Pick up that too-silent phone and call on the people you think should be calling you more often. Ask them how they're doing. Ask them what they're working on. Ask them how you can help. Don't worry about if any of this will earn you a dollar today. Just start talking (but mostly listening). The opportunities you're waiting for are in the conversations that await your initiative.


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