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Time Management

The Cost of Procrastination

By David Ackert on February, 27 2014

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David Ackert

If there's one thing calendar-saying-somedayour busy world teaches us, it's compulsive productivity. Check email, check voicemail, email, calendar, email, social media, news, email. It's almost as if we're terrified that we will be left behind in a dust cloud of irrelevance if we don't frantically stay on top of everything. And our business model necessitates that our clients' emergencies always come first. This fills our deadline-driven days with so many short-term tasks that we never seem to get around to those goals with long-term impact.

So think about the things that you're putting off. Are you dedicating less time to business development than you know you should? (If your originations are lower than you like, there's your answer). Are you feeling like your life lacks meaning for want of family time or community service? Are you stressed out and too long overdue for a vacation? Have you started writing that book you promised yourself you would author?

I know, I know—you've been busy. Crazy busy. But that window of time you imagine will someday magically open up so you can take sky-diving lessons is the very thing you're filling with forgettable to-dos. Sure, there will always be deadlines and client demands to waylay your goals. But between your clients and your own compulsive work ethic, you will always have to contend with busywork. So don't procrastinate for another second. Fill in the blanks below to identify the goals you have allowed to atrophy.

Neglected professional goal: _________
Neglected personal goal: _________
Neglected family goal: _________
Neglected personal project: _________
Neglected spiritual goal: _________
Neglected health/exercise goal: _________

Now, pick at least one and start "to-doing" something that matters to you.


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