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The Back of Your Business Card

By David Ackert on October, 18 2012

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David Ackert

It happens every time I'm handed a card: business-card-with-QR-codeI instinctively flip it over to look at the backside. You never know what you'll find there—a logo, a tagline, a watermark, a mission statement, or a QR code.

There was a time when it was considered unprofessional to print something on the back of a business card. Now, it's recognized as an opportunity to communicate the brand, aesthetics, and originality of the entity whose name appears on the front.

So, if you're interested in capitalizing this open real estate, consider these five options:

1. Tagline - Put a catchy tagline or slogan on the back of your card. It will help people remember your value proposition. Also, printing it on the back of your card ensures that it won't get lost among contact information and other unrelated details.

2. Micro-brochure - This technique contains a few bullet points with the key services you want to underscore to your prospective client.

3. QR Code - A quick scan of your QRC will take your new contact to one of your websites. (The downside here is that unless the intended audience scans your code, all you've done is put an ugly square on the back of your card.)

4. Call to action - This marketing message looks like a formal invitation to an upcoming event, a free consultation, or simply a request to connect with you on LinkedIn.

5. Mission statement - This was a popular trope back in the dot com days when external mission statements were more in vogue, but is still a useful way to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Speaking of competitors, make sure you review their business cards before you redesign yours. They may inspire you (or help you determine what not to do). But the primary drivers are your brand, your marketing strategy, and your networking style. Whatever you do, don't leave the back of your business card blank—unless you want to communicate that you're a traditionalist.


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