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The 3 Gifts of Rejection

By David Ackert on November, 17 2017

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David Ackert

rejected-stampThere's no way to take the sting out of bad news, especially when it comes from a prospective client who informs you that, in spite of all your wooing, the engagement simply wasn't meant to be. "They'll be sorry," you tell yourself as you shove the first pin into the voodoo doll you created for this unfortunate occasion. But before you take it too personally, consider that even rejection has an upside or two... or three:

  1. When a prospect rejects you, they are saving you all of the time you would have spent pursuing them had they deliberated any further.
  2. When a prospect rejects you, they are giving you valuable feedback about the kind of business you are more likely to attract.
  3. When a prospect rejects you, they are freeing up your focus so you can redirect it toward an opportunity that is better suited to you.

Our fear of rejection often stops us from pursuing productive business conversations with prospective clients or existing ones. We would rather wait for them to seek us out than introduce a dialogue that may misfire. But when we develop a more elevated perspective we come to appreciate that even rejection is an opportunity for learning and advancement. So, take a more proactive stance in your business relationships. Ask them about their business goals and offer help as appropriate. Worst case scenario, they won’t hire you, in which case you will have received 3 gifts.


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