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Market Leaders Podcast with Altia Faccone of Jackson Lewis

Episode 34: A Service-Centric Approach to Business Development

Join David Ackert as he interviews Alitia Faccone, Director of Business Development at Jackson Lewis on this episode of the Market Leaders Podcast.

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Market Leaders Podcast with Barbara Malin of Jackson Walker

Episode 33: Helping Lawyers Understand the BD Process

Join David Ackert as he interviews Barbara Malin, Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer at Jackson Walker.

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Market Leaders Podcast with Jennifer Mir of Munger, Tolles & Olson

Episode 32: A Model for Dynamic Business Development Culture

Join David Ackert as he interviews Jennifer Mir, Director of Practice Development at Munger, Tolles & Olson.

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An Alternative to Technology Integration

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Market Leaders Podcast with Emily Woloschuk of Lightfoot, Franklin and White

Episode 31: Aligning BD to the Firm's Strategic Plan

Join David Ackert as he interviews Emily Woloschuk, Director of Marketing & Business Development at Lightfoot, Franklin and White.

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Market Leaders Podcast with Lisa Simon

Episode 30: Using Gamification to Fuel BD Activity

Join David Ackert as he interviews Lisa Simon, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie.

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Market Leaders Podcast with Gillian Brennan of Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Episode 29: Expanding Relationships with High-Potential Clients

Join David Ackert as he interviews Gillian Brennan, Director of Client Relations of Dorsey & Whitney LLP.

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How to Ask for Business Without Being Pushy

When I speak to groups of lawyers, I often ask for a show of hands to this question: "How many of you regularly ask your clients or referral sources for business?" Consistently, only 10–15% of the audience raises their hands. The other 85%...

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Building a Bridge Between Lawyers and CRM

Chances are, your firm either has CRM or is considering an implementation in the near future. However, there is a unique paradox at law firms: Oddly, the most effective salespeople (the lawyers) are reluctant to use a sales tool like CRM.


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Market Leaders Podcast with Stefanie Marrone of Tarter, Krinsky and Drogin LLP

Episode 28: Helping Lawyers Build a Successful Pipeline

Join David Ackert as he interviews Stefanie Marrone, Director of Business Development and Marketing at Tarter, Krinsky and Drogin LLP.

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