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Personal Branding Techniques for Lawyers


Many lawyers are reluctant to commit to a specific focus for their practice. They would rather cast a wide net so as to capture the broadest range of opportunities. This prevents them from establishing a unique brand, and doesn't differentiate them from the countless competitors who do what they do.

If you're looking for a tactical coaching opportunity, schedule a 15-minute meeting with a few of your lawyers and download our free branding guide below.

It includes video tutorials and worksheets that will help your lawyers identify their unique value proposition, develop their personal brand, and craft an elevator pitch that sets them apart from the crowd.

You will receive:

  • An 8-minute video tutorial that provides strategies for identifying one's niche and crafting a unique elevator pitch.
  • downloadable worksheet that includes concept summaries, diagrams and easy-to-remember takeaways.
  • 4 action steps that can be implemented immediately to leverage lawyers' networking efforts, improve their website and LinkedIn bios, and encourage more referrals.

Click below to access it.

Free Guide to Personal Branding for Lawyers - Download Now

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