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How to Hone your Ability to Relate to People

I was in Philadelphia presenting at a partner retreat this week. The program went well, and from a business development perspective my various meetings in Philly were productive, but in hindsight, the trip was not a total success.


What Is Your Time Really Worth?

A funny thing happens when you charge for your time. Your firm, your market, your competition, and your clients dictate how much an hour of your life is worth. The moment you buy into this notion, you start to make strategic decisions based on...


The 5 Key Metrics Your Law Firm Should Be Tracking... But Probably Isn't

The legal industry is entering a gilded age of information technology – firms are adopting new practices and platforms at a heightened rate to remain competitive. Legal careers are becoming more tech-focused, and there's a benefit to all this:...


How to Ensure that Your Time is Never Wasted

It happened again. You just wasted your time on a networking lunch with someone you'll never speak to again. They were nice enough, but the business potential was zero. And you now have 90 minutes less to complete the work that's waiting for you...


Living in a Material World

What kind of car do you drive? The answer to this question can be surprisingly personal. Are you an eco-friendly Volt, a nostalgic Mustang, an elegant Benz, or an avant-garde Model 3 Tesla?


Business Etiquette in the Digital Age

The digital age has introduced myriad challenges into our lives. How can we use social media efficiently? What's the best way to minimize incoming spam without becoming inaccessible to prospects? And when will Apple figure out how to get Siri to...


5 Credibility-Killers to Avoid

Like all respectable professionals, we take pains to deliver detail-oriented, quality work to our clients. We conduct ourselves with propriety and seek to exude competence. But sometimes, without realizing it, we discredit ourselves through our...


Webinar: The State of Law Firm CRM (2018)

Join David Ackert, M.A. for an exclusive first look at the results of our 2018 market-wide study on CRM. We researched the current state of Client Relationship Management (CRM) software within law firms.


How to Earn Client Loyalty

Each day we work our way through a seemingly endless influx of emails, deadlines, and client demands. Perhaps as a survival mechanism, we tell ourselves that if we can just keep our heads above water and meet our client’s service expectations, we...


4 Ways to Track Event ROI

I have always loved pie charts. Maybe it’s because they provide an easy graphical representation of allocations. Maybe it’s because they remind me of dessert. But if you run a quick report on the line items in your marketing budget, you’ll find...


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