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Business Development Competitive Intelligence Client Service Coaching Industry Trends

Webinar Recap: Calibrating BD Strategies to the Economy
By The Ackert Team on October 4, 2022

As the team at Ackert is talking to law firms, there's a lot of discussion about uncertainty as we head into the coming months and years. Firms are asking questions like, “With this softer...

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Business Development Coaching

Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Your Business Development Coaching in 2023
By The Ackert Team on September 13, 2022

In our most recent State of CRM in Professional Services Firms industry study, we learned that 40% of marketing and business development professionals cite seller-doers’ lack of skills as a...

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Networking Business Development

Networking on Steroids
By David Ackert on September 7, 2022

Most people in professional services have referral sources but managing those relationships can be like herding cats. Networking groups provide structure and regularity, but they often feel...

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Business Development

What Will Business Development Look Like in 2023?
By David Ackert on September 1, 2022

With markets softening, it's very likely that client demand will weaken in the coming months. So, many firms are turning their attention back to business development.

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Business Development Pipeline Management CRM

Top 5 Reasons Your CRM Misses the Mark for Business Development
By The Ackert Team on July 15, 2022

Excellent client service is at the center of everything you do. Your education and experience give you the unique skills to meet your clients’ needs and address their challenges, and you...

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Business Development Client Service Time Management Building Habits

Top 4 Tips for Developing a Rainmaker Mindset
By The Ackert Team on June 1, 2022

You’re so busy juggling client work it’s no wonder business development often gets put on the back burner. But for many seller-doers, it’s not just having the time to do business...

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Business Development Coaching Training

Top 10 Simple Secrets to Being a World-Class Seller-Doer Coach
By The Ackert Team on May 17, 2022

As a professional services firm marketer or business developer, one of the many hats you may wear is that of a business development coach. It’s a crucial role and, if played well, can...

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Business Development Coaching Pipeline Management

Business Development is a Marathon, Not a Sprint: The Top Five Skills Seller-Doers Need to Win
By The Ackert Team on May 10, 2022

 At Ackert, knowing selling professional services is much more a marathon than a sprint, we have long been strong proponents of a Systematic Approach for Business Development. Recently we...

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Business Development Coaching

Top 10 Tips for Building and Implementing a Business Development Coaching Program at Your Firm
By The Ackert Team on April 13, 2022

While strained marketing and business development teams increase their investments in technologies to help them attract, target, and acquire new business, firms still need their...

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Business Development Client Service Pipeline Management Technology

PIPELINEPLUS is More Than a New Business Development Tool
By The Ackert Team on March 24, 2022

The good news is that whether law, accounting, financial advisory, engineering, or consulting, professional services firms are busier than ever. The bad news is that seller-doers may be so...

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