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How to Network Effectively

By David Ackert on May, 3 2012

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David Ackert

Thanks to those of you who filled out the survey I included in last week's blog. (If you meant to participate but didn't get to it, here's the link.) When I asked you about your top business development concern, this was the most popular answer:

"How do I network more effectively?"

How, indeed! We constantly interrupt our work days with networking breakfasts and lunches and coffees and mixers, and more often than not, we leave these interactions wondering if we spent our time wisely. Sure, the intention to convert a new connection into commerce is genuine, but our results are so unpredictable that we can become demoralized. We wonder to ourselves:  How long will it take to improve the quality of my network? When will I learn how to make networking efficient?  Is that even possible?

I didn't used to think so, until I became so exasperated with my results that I forced myself to examine my approach. I came to the realization that my idea of networking was to just show up and wing it. Not very effective. So, in an effort to help you network thoughtfully and strategically, I'm sharing one of the video lessons from Practice Boomers so you can learn a simple but powerful system for effective networking.

Download the Ally Portfolio here.

If you're interested in more videos that teach you how to accelerate your business development results, click here for a free two-week trial membership to Practice Boomers.



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