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Earning a Strategic Seat at the Table Using Data Visualization


Legal marketers, often under-valued and lacking influence in the strategic planning of the firm, have an opportunity to create their own seat at the table.

In 69% of law firms, partners resist most change efforts. But lawyers are more receptive when you argue a well-substantiated business case.

By aligning your department's activities to the firm's strategic objectives, and demonstrating progress using KPIs and data visualization, marketers can present invaluable insight to firm leadership.



In this recording of David Ackert's presentation at LMA19, you will learn:

  • The state of strategic planning at law firms
  • The cost of flying blind, and what needs to change
  • Business intelligence in other industries
  • Using KPIs to align strategic goals and incentives
  • Concepts from outside legal: the Flywheel
  • Specific examples of how law firms used data visualization to implement strategic objectives
  • How you can apply these concepts at your firm

Click below to watch the video.

Watch the Video

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