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Don’t You Forget About Me: 5 Ways to Stay Top-of-Mind

By David Ackert on December, 12 2019

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David Ackert

Hi there. Remember me? If not, it’s not your fault. It’s my job to find creative ways to stay relevant and top-of-mind so that, when you come across an appropriate opportunity for business development expertise, you don't forget about me.


The same goes for you. Unless your offering is so unique that it leaves a years-long impression in the minds of the people you meet, you need to make a regular effort to stay on their radars. Given that we all have too many contacts to manage on an individual basis, a one-to-many approach is the only way to ensure that our vast network doesn’t forget about us. Here are five ways to be more memorable:

  1. Relevant Thought Leadership: Use social and traditional media channels to distribute original articles, podcasts, and videos that your network would find helpful. If you don’t have time to create original content, comment on someone else’s and post it to your network.
  2. Email Blasts: Yes, the client alerts, e-newsletters, and blogs you send often land in people’s SPAM folders, but the recipients who are truly interested in what you have to say will whitelist you.
  3. Invitations to Interesting Events: Never mind that most of your contacts will not attend. They will appreciate the fact that you thought to include them.
  4. Surveys: Provide an opportunity for your contacts to weigh in on a relevant industry issue or to provide feedback on your services. Show them that you value their opinion and invite their input.
  5. Gifts: If you want to be forgettable, send generic, traditional gifts and cards around the holiday season. If you want to stand out and be memorable, send your clients a card on Valentine’s Day letting them know how much you love working with them, or a customized gift on their birthdays, or ask their assistants what they would like to receive, and send a wave of client appreciation gifts.

If you aren’t currently implementing at least two of these strategies, you are relying too heavily on the assumption that, just because your contacts know you, they will remember to hire or refer you. Keep in mind that your competitors are engaged in most, if not all of these five techniques. Make the effort to be more memorable than they are so that, when the need for your expertise arises, you are the one providing it.

Authored by David Ackert

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