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Find Your Next Client in 4 Easy Steps

Perhaps it’s just nostalgia, but those who have been in the game for a while swear that business development was easier back in the day. Quality work spoke for itself. Happy clients manifested repeat business. The phone rang all by...

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How to Respond When You're Too Busy to Respond

Somewhere in Hollywood, a screenwriter is writing that scene in which the cheating husband gets caught with his pants down and blurts out the classic line, “Honey, wait… it’s not what you think.” And yet, for all its popularity, the cliché...

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Keep Your Enemies Closer

Anyone who takes business development seriously has a list of names. Perhaps it consists of referral sources, key clients, prospects, or a combination of the three. It lives on a legal pad in your briefcase or on your Practice Pipeline dashboard....

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How to Upgrade Your Network

If you’re frustrated that your network consists of too few business decision-makers, propose an interview as a way to connect to a new high-caliber contact.

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Should You Network Broadly or Deeply?

I recently facilitated a panel discussion on the topic of differentiation. How can we hope to stand apart from the myriad competitors out there who essentially do the same thing we do? Should we brand our industry knowledge or technical expertise...

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Does Your Brand Attract New Business?

Most of us don’t put a lot of thought into brandingWe assume that our key contacts understand what we do well enough to refer or cross-sell when appropriate.

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Three Words for 2017

As many of you know, I’ve been blogging roughly once a week for almost seven years now. One of my annual traditions is to use Chris Brogan’s “My Three Words” concept around the New Year. Chris discourages resolutions or extensive strategic planning,...

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Do or do not. There is no try.

Star Wars fans of all ages will head into theaters in the coming days to watch Star Wars: Rogue One. I have many favorite moments from this franchise, one of which is Yoda’s advice as he is training an exasperated Luke Skywalker. He tells him, “Do...

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How to Prepare for a Successful New Year

It’s December. You need a break. Besides, your clients and prospects are generally unresponsive as they focus on internal year-end deadlines (and holiday party hangover recovery). Might as well put your business development on hold until next year,...

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How to Defend Your Law Firm Marketing Budget

As the end of the year approaches, marketing budgets are being allocated and line items are getting approved or (more probably) slashed. If your department is less-than-fortunate, your marketing budget might actually be raided in favor of other,...

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