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Beware the Summer Lull

By David Ackert on July, 9 2015

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David Ackert

When it comes to effective business development, one of the most important disciplines is consistency. You have to consistently maintain a sharp focus and a sharper appetite.

That’s easy to do when business is booming, but far trickier during the summer months. After a long holiday weekend, your momentum can falter as you find yourself being less proactive than usual. You start assuming that people are probably out of town. You tell yourself that things will pick up in September and use that as an excuse to coast through July and August.

But remember, the seeds you plant now will determine the harvest over the coming six-to-twelve months. So drink generously of your own kool-aid and keep your self-confidence high. Review your business development plan and make sure you pursue your goals aggressively. Let your competitors be the ones who lull themselves into a half-hearted effort this summer. That only means that you will capture more market share when their guard is down.

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