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Business Development Coaching

Four Tips for High-ROI Business Development Coaching and Training
By Lindsey Martin on August 21, 2019


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Lawyer Engagement

The 4 Motivators that Influence Lawyer Behavior
By Lindsey Martin on July 26, 2019

  With increased competition and a growing number of market disruptors, law firms recognize that they cannot afford to remain complacent about business development. In a survey of...

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Coaching Industry Trends

Why most business development programs fail (and how to overcome mediocre results).
By Lindsey Martin on May 16, 2019

 By Lindsey Martin

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Video: How to Follow Up With a Prospect
By Lindsey Martin on October 26, 2017

Waiting on prospective clients to make a decision puts you in a difficult position. What steps can you take to follow up with a prospective client and close the business without being pushy...

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Networking Referral Sources

Video: How To Leverage Your Business Development Referral Network
By Lindsey Martin on October 23, 2017

Referrals account for a large part of the new business in a lawyer's practice. Generating referrals should be a key focus of your business development strategy, whether they originate from...

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Business Development

Video: How to Fill your Business Development Pipeline
By Lindsey Martin on October 10, 2017

Building a healthy business development pipeline is the key to a sustainable business. Think of your pipeline as the beating heart of a meaningful book of business. Your mission (should...

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Pipeline Management

Video: Practice Pipeline – the business development tool that lawyers actually use.
By Lindsey Martin on September 28, 2017

Practice Pipeline is a business development tool designed just for lawyers. Its simple, clutter-free interface collects and organizes your lawyers' business development pursuits into a...

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Networking Business Development

Video: 5 Steps to Turn a Prospect Into a Client
By Lindsey Martin on September 19, 2017

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