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David Ackert

David Ackert, M.A., is the President of Practice Pipeline and a mentor to high-achieving service professionals and their firms. He has developed and implemented business development programs for hundreds of firms across the globe, many of whom hail from the top of the Am Law list. Widely recognized as a business development pioneer in the legal field, David’s programs have won the Legal Marketing Association's “Your Honor Award” in the US and Canada. The combination of technology and coaching has become a hallmark of his programs. David has published and been quoted in many major media outlets, and often leads panels and makes seminar presentations on effective communication and business development strategies. He regularly keynotes at law firm partner retreats and trade conferences. He serves as a guest lecturer at USC’s Marshall School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University, and at the UCLA School of Law. David holds degrees from Carnegie Mellon University, Ithaca College, and University of Santa Monica, from which he earned a Master’s in Psychology. He is also a certified Business Coach.
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Business Development Coaching

From "Meh" to Great: How to Drastically Improve the ROI of Your Business Development Coaching/Training Programs
By David Ackert on June 6, 2019

  When it comes to enabling revenue generation, legal marketers have their work cut out for them. 62% of firms are increasing their emphasis on marketing and business development efforts...

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Networking Business Development

5 Things to Remember While Setting and Pursuing Goals
By David Ackert on December 28, 2018

Goal-setting is a motivating exercise unless you take a social media break. Then it gets depressing, real fast. Log on to LinkedIn, Twitter, the blogosphere, or any other professional...

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Holiday Schmooze Without the Ooze
By David Ackert on November 30, 2018

Holiday parties are a weird mash-up of alcohol, appetizers, premature Christmas music, and small-talk with strangers. In my experience, whenever two business people try to make...

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Say It Isn’t Over
By David Ackert on November 14, 2018

If you think about it, your career consists of a series of projects. Some last months, others years, but whether they are engagements, roles, or initiatives, each one inevitably comes to...

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Hidden Gold in Something Old
By David Ackert on October 18, 2018

Do you see that? It looks like a shiny new opportunity. And once it catches our eye, we become fixated on it to the exclusion of anything else. There’s nothing we welcome more than a...

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Time Management

How Long Should You Wait?
By David Ackert on September 25, 2018

Be warned: Someday is coming. You know, that optimal time in the future when you will do all of the things you've been putting off. On Someday, you will ask your biggest prospect to...

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Your Client Already Left You. You Just Don’t Know It Yet.
By David Ackert on August 23, 2018

The client/advisor relationship is often a precarious one. Our best clients, those who send us work repeatedly, communicate their satisfaction by re-engaging us on a regular basis. But...

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How to Set Better Client Expectations
By David Ackert on August 9, 2018

Like most things, client/advisor relationships are a product of evolution. In prior centuries, terms were loosely defined by little more than a promise and a handshake. Over time, we...

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How to Hone your Ability to Relate to People
By David Ackert on July 19, 2018

I was in Philadelphia presenting at a partner retreat this week. The program went well, and from a business development perspective my various meetings in Philly were productive, but in...

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How to Ensure that Your Time is Never Wasted
By David Ackert on July 11, 2018

It happened again. You just wasted your time on a networking lunch with someone you'll never speak to again. They were nice enough, but the business potential was zero. And you now have...

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