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What You Can Learn from My Launch

If you read my blogs over the past month you know that I just released a video series called “4 Ways to Get More Referrals.” This video series was an introduction to Practice Boomers, my new online program that helps people get more clients. The launch went well, but not perfectly. Here are 4 lessons I learned the hard way.

1. Invest in quality.

I hired Glyphix, the best marketing/development firm I could find, to build the website. There were other options, developers who claimed they could do the job for less money or in less time. But a piece of advice I once read in Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad, Poor Dad guided me through this decision: he wrote that if you want to be the best at what you do, you have to surround yourself with the best people. Given how Practice Boomers has turned out, I'm glad I followed Kiyosaki's advice. Now I'm reassessing other areas of my business where I've given in to the temptation of "faster" or "cheaper" and found myself settling for mediocrity.

2. Your best resource can turn against you.

I sent out the first video (“How to ask for referrals”) and got a great response. The link went viral. Traffic spiked. Positive comments came flooding in. Thanks to technology, my new endeavor was off to a great start. A few days later I released the second video (“Laser Prospecting”). But my email provider wasn’t prepared for all this new web traffic. The links stopped working. I received frustrated emails from some of my most important contacts: “David, this doesn’t reflect well on you.” People started unsubscribing from my email list. It was a disaster. I wanted to shrink into a hole from embarrassment. After almost two days spent troubleshooting and talking to tech support, the problem finally got resolved.

3. It’s never as bad as you think.

After the failed launch of video 2, my plan was to skip to video 3 in the hopes that I hadn’t lost everyone’s interest. But sweeping the debacle under the rug didn’t feel right to me, so instead I sent out an apology with another link to video 2. To my surprise, there was almost as much activity as there had been for the first video. It reminded me that my toughest critic is always the one in my head.

4. There are more people who can benefit from your knowledge base than you have time to meet.

Fast forward to the following week. “4 Ways to Get More Referrals” had completed its cycle. Practice Boomers was live. And the first wave of members had eagerly registered into the program. Most of them were people I had never met. Many were from parts of the world I’d never visited. The only way I would’ve had the opportunity to work with them was through a program like Practice Boomers. Granted, the website took almost a year to build and cost a significant financial investment. But now I have the kind of scalability that most service professionals never achieve. So I leave you with this thought: Your knowledge base can benefit millions of people. The Internet is an excellent way to share information. How can you use the Internet in a classy, ethical way to leverage that knowledge base? Don’t just think about it as a marketing tool—the Internet is a distribution channel. Your opportunity is to figure out how to harness it before your competitors do.

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