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How to Maximize Referrals

If you participate in any kind of social media, you have more "friends" now than the captain of the football team did when you were in high school. And yet, in spite of all our connections, most of us don't harvest the many business opportunities...

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What You Can Learn from My Launch

If you read my blogs over the past month you know that I just released a video series called “4 Ways to Get More Referrals.” This video series was an introduction to Practice Boomers, my new online program that helps people get more clients. The...

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How to Ask for Referrals

In some parallel universe somewhere, service professionals ask for referrals without any hesitation or fear of repercussion. They meet their clients at a nice cafe, and after enjoying a delicious meal, they say, "I've done a great job for you. Now I...

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