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How Long Should You Wait?

Be warned: Someday is coming. You know, that optimal time in the future when you will do all of the things you've been putting off. On Someday, you will ask your biggest prospect to engage you. You will raise your rates or ask your boss for a...

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An Exchange of Needs

As we go through life, pursuing our various agenda, we occasionally lose sight of the fact that we are not at the center of the universe. Yes folks, there are other people out there whose priorities are just as important to them as yours are to...

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3 Reasons Why Charity Is Good for You

There is ongoing debate over whether it is appropriate to mix business with one's personal interests (e.g., is it okay to "friend" your referral sources on Facebook?). But there's no question that your involvement in non-profit endeavors benefits...

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Going Up?

Little known fact: Most office buildings provide a special room for private power-meetings with prospective clients. It's called an elevator.

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Build a Bigger Net

I smiled when I saw Frank's email pop up in my inbox.  The subject line read "lunch." It had been roughly three months since he and I had seen each other, and he was building his net.

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How to Get New Business from Clients

If you’re like most service professionals, you offer reactive service. You wait for clients to call with a problem. You respond with a solution. Then you wait for the next time a client calls.

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Ask for What You Want

I know, it would be so much easier if people just gave us what we wanted without having to be asked. Clients would refer their colleagues, referral sources would introduce us to all of their clients, our significant others would anticipate our...

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Are You Positioned for Failure?

There is a common theme among many of the clients my team and I have been coaching lately: failing to measure up to unrealistic expectations.

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6 Easy Steps to a Great Presentation

We're advisors. We have advice to share. But if no one knows that, our intellectual capital sits in our heads collecting cobwebs.

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3 Reasons Why You'll Read This

When it comes to business communication, most of us use email more than any other forum. I don't know about your mother, but mine never sent me to email finishing school, so I had to learn to write effective emails the hard way. As with any trial...

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