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The 3 Gifts of Rejection

There's no way to take the sting out of bad news, especially when it comes from a prospective client who informs you that, in spite of all your wooing, the engagement simply wasn't meant to be. "They'll be sorry," you tell yourself as you shove...

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Why Business Development Fails (And What to Do About It)

You’ve been meaning to get around to it: writing a business development plan for your practice. Starting up that book club or poker night with a few clients and referral sources. Making a list of all your referral sources and systematically...

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The Key to Networking is Quality Over Quantity

In a time when the typical contact database lists over a thousand names, and active LinkedIn members have 500+ connections, the conventional thinking seems to be that whoever has the biggest network wins.

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Why Professional Jealousy Is Good for You

There are those for whom success seems to come easily. We watch their rise with a pang of envy and wish we could somehow snap our fingers and have what they have. Perhaps for you, it's someone in your business community. Perhaps it's someone at...

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You Look Too Young to Be a Rainmaker

As you claw your way up the firm ladder, you will encounter numerous obstacles. Some are internal: partners who steal your originations or firm rhetoric that demands you develop business with too little incentive or time to make it worth your...

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4 Steps to Maximize Your Visibility on LinkedIn

Although “the world’s largest network” has been a part of our lives for 13 years, its most practical (and ethical) use continues to elude most service providers. More than any other web page on the Internet, your LinkedIn profile tells the world...

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Trust Your Gut

As you are hunting for new business, it may occasionally occur to you to take actions that are beyond your comfort zone. In most cases, your survival instinct will take over and dissuade you from "going there." You will tell yourself it's not...

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A Client Feedback Lesson from Uber

I travel a lot for business and often use Uber to get around. For those of you who are less familiar with it, the Uber app allows both the drivers and the passengers to rate one another on a scale of 1-5 after every ride. Out of curiosity, I...

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3 Business Development Strategies for Conferences and Trade Shows

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Beware of the Business Development Resolution

Welcome to the new year! After tracking yet another twelve months, our calendar has reset to January and we are filled with fresh hope. Many use the annual transition to turn over a new leaf and re-approach business development outcomes that have...

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