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3 Ways to Use LinkedIn's Content Search Feature

By David Ackert on September, 15 2016

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David Ackert

For years, LinkedIn has allowed us to search for people. Now it allows us to search for what they've posted. Select "Posts" from the search field drop-down menu, type a topic of interest, and the results will include a list of relevant articles published by the people in your network or shared in their feed.

There are at least 3 business development applications to this feature:

1. Learn: Enter a hot topic that pertains to your practice, and you will instantly see the latest thinking from thought-leaders, peers, and their connections. It puts your finger directly on the pulse of your network's knowledge and attitudes on a given subject matter.

2. Share: LinkedIn provides a convenient "Share" button next to each post. When you find one you like, you can blast it out to your network. This saves you the time of having to consistently write original posts to market yourself.

3. Connect: Use this feature if you want to expand your network in a particular industry sector. When you find someone who has something compelling to say about your search topic, ask them a question about their post and begin a dialog. This is a good way to align yourself with people who focus on your niche issues and areas of expertise. As long as they aren't direct competitors, they will be smart additions to your LinkedIn network.

Of course, member privacy settings specify whether a post is searchable to all, but chances are, if someone submitted content to LinkedIn, they want it found by as wide an audience as possible.

Authored by David Ackert

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