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3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Pays Off

By David Ackert on September, 1 2016

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David Ackert

“If you ask me, you give too much away.” This was a critique I recently heard from someone who, after reviewing the blogs, white papers, and other materials I’ve posted online, felt my content strategy was a little too generous. “You should hold back the ‘good stuff’ so that people still have reason to hire you."

That’s certainly an understandable point of view, but there are at least 3 good reasons why sharing useful content liberally is more beneficial than holding out for an immediate return.

1. Relevance: While the advice in your content may be helpful, it is rarely transformative. After all, the information itself is probably available elsewhere. It’s the practical application of your advice that makes it relevant to your clients’ issues. Once they see that you know what you’re talking about, they can engage you to apply that knowledge to their unique problems for a tailored solution.

2. Scalability: We all have far more people in our networks than we can manage. Even when we fill our calendars with business lunches, most of us still aren't able to connect with enough people to attract a sufficient volume of quality clients. But thanks to the self-publishing available through social media, we can author a quick blog on a topic that helps people understand what we know and blast it broadly to our network.

3. Efficiency: Even if you are too busy to author something original, you can always promote someone else’s ideas. Commenting on another’s content takes almost no time and associates your brand with theirs. It also provides filler material while you find the time to author your next piece.

So, if you’re worried that sharing your best content will replace the need for your services, remember that your audience isn’t looking for a quick fix of information. They are looking for its application to their problems. For that, they are going to need more than a blog, presentation, or article. They will need its originator.

Authored by David Ackert

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