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3 Business Development Mistakes to Avoid

By David Ackert on January, 29 2018

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David Ackert

We're all guilty of making occasional mistakes. But sometimes we make the same ones over and over again. As we leave the first month of the new year, reflect on these and see if you can break the pattern.

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  1. No niche: There was a time when the quality of your work spoke for itself. Sooner or later people would hear about you and their business would follow. But there was a lot less white noise back then. Today, if you google your profession, you’ll get pages and pages of search results, and if you’re lucky, your name will be somewhere among the first twenty pages. The landscape has grown and it has gotten harder for your prospective client to find you, which is why you have to niche your practice so you can focus your marketing on a manageable group of prospects and referral sources. Target an industry, geography, or demographic that fits with your background and/or passions.
  2. No plan: Do you have a plan or are you just winging it? Most people find themselves relying on luck for their success. If you want serious results, take your practice seriously and make sure you have a comprehensive plan in place. Block out a few hours to create a strategic plan.
  3. No systems: What 3 things do you need to do every week to realize your growth potential? If you know what they are but don't consistently act on them, it's time to create systems that make them part of your routine. Add them as recurring reminders on your calendar or task pad. Alternatively, delegate them to someone on your team who can ensure that they are implemented.

Your mistakes can be assets as long as you learn from them, correct them, and stop repeating them.

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