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What's your Business Development Superpower?

I am a nerd. I will openly admit that I’m into science fiction, Star Wars, Star Trek and comic book characters.

In particular, I love superhero stories. Most begin with an origin story: how the underdog discovers their innate power. These first experiences shape them into the superhero they eventually become.

man prepares to fly like superman.jpg

Take Spider-Man, for example. When Peter Parker, an unassuming, nerdy teenager is bitten by a radioactive spider, he suddenly realizes he has superhuman powers. The extent of his newfound abilities is not immediately evident to him, but he begins to use them - albeit misguidedly.

Peter doesn’t turn into a crime-fighting machine overnight. His initial efforts are clumsy and result in failure. Emergencies arise that force him to rely on his powers. Each time he's forced to use his super-spider skills to get through a difficult situation, he gets stronger.

Peter eventually learns to perform stupendous feats that a normal human could only dream of doing. He learns to leverage his unique skills to benefit everyone around him. You can do the same.

We all have “superpowers” of our own. You may be an eloquent blogger, a fearless public speaker, or a dynamic business developer who simply hasn’t yet nurtured that super-skill set. Don't be afraid to rely on your innate talents. You might uncover a unique ability that can benefit your business development.

Here are a few examples:

  • If writing is your strong suit, make a point of writing more often. Using your articles as value-adds when interacting with your leads will elevate your credibility and solicit more responses.
  • Are you an excellent conversationalist? Make time to attend mixers or networking events where you can leverage this power to broaden your network of business development opportunities.
  • Are you highly detail-oriented? Use this skill to demonstrate your expertise to your existing clients. Take some time to research their industry or business and identify potential risk factors they should be aware of. Your foresight will be appreciated, and may even broaden your working relationship through cross-selling or additional work.

What is your superpower? Discover it, and identify ways you can leverage it to expand your book of business.

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