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Video: The State of Law Firm CRM Software

In the Spring of 2015, the Ackert Advisory conducted a a market-wide study on the state of CRM software in law firms.

We reviewed the findings of the market-wide study with David Ackert, MA in this free webinar. You’ll learn about:


How to Win and Manage Client Relationships With Pipeline Management

Law firms are increasingly using CRM systems to help track their marketing and business development efforts. Despite CRM providers’ attempts to build pipeline tools, CRM utilization rates remain low among lawyers - the primary business developers...


My Lawyers Won't Use CRM. Now What?

Great! You have a CRM system. But... your lawyers aren't using it.

You're not alone. The latest market-wide research shows that law firms struggle with low CRM utilization by lawyers.


Law Firms are Giving Up on CRM

In the fall of 2016, The Ackert Advisory conducted a market-wide study on CRM utilization within law firms. The data show some striking trends that indicate law firms are abandoning hope when it comes to lawyer utilization of CRM.


Why You Should Use a Simple Pipeline Management Tool for Lawyer Business Development


70% of law firms use a CRM system, according to a recent study. But despite widespread market penetration, CRM systems are primarily used by the marketing and business development departments, with utilization rates as low as 5% among lawyers.


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