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Using the Psychology of Gamification to Increase Business Development Engagement

man-playing-video-games.jpgThe concept of gamification has been growing in the technology world for years, and many businesses are adapting game systems to increase workplace productivity in a multitude of different initiatives. From marketing outreach to business development, gamification can add structure and engagement to initiatives that can otherwise be lackluster and hard-to-track.


Gamification consists of applying elements of game-playing to non-game activities. The variations on this theme are as limitless as the number of games in existence, but most companies use the concept to increase productivity, develop positive habits, work toward goals, and foster a sense of competition.


Most successful games include a rewards system. Naturally, players are rewarded for positive behaviors, and those who don’t perform well either lose the game or fall behind. Sound like fun? Well, sometimes it isn't. In fact, video game developers deliberately incorporate frustration and inconsistency into games in order to make them more addictive for competitive players. 


Luckily for law firms, business development is already frustrating and inconsistent. And lawyers are already competitive. The only missing component from the gamification concept is a system of rules that turns BD into a fun experience.


That’s why we’ve developed a game called Pipeline Madness – like the March Madness basketball tournaments, lawyers compete against one another in brackets to hit their business development targets. At the end of each round, whichever lawyer has a higher ‘Pipeline Score’ advances to the next round. To drive up their score, lawyers follow up with their business development pursuits and attempt to close as much new business as possible. Whoever has the highest score in the last round is declared the winner.


Contact us if you’d like to see a demo of Practice Pipeline and learn more about how gamification can help you reach your business development goals.

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