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Holiday Communique: A Rare Opportunity

It’s December. They’re not making any more months this year. And the holidays give us the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate each other in ways that we would otherwise deem corny. For many of us, it’s also one of the most hectic months as special events and year-end obligations crowd our calendars, so we send blanket holiday cards and “one-size-fits-all” gifts in the hopes that we can communicate something that is simultaneously efficient and meaningful.

Perhaps that works for the lion’s share of your contacts, but make sure you take advantage of this infrequent opportunity to nurture the subset of relationships that are most important to you. Make a short list of key clients, referral sources, allies, and support staff. Do something for them that extends beyond the phentermine generic gesture. Consider writing a note in their holiday card that has genuine warmth or calling their secretary to learn exactly what kind of gift would be most meaningful to them. Invest a few extra minutes in those who make the rest of your year remarkable. It’s some of the smartest time you’ll spend this month.



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