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Appreciation Fosters Client Loyalty

It is much harder to acquire a new client than it is to keep an existing one. That’s why it’s critical to do everything you can to improve the loyalty of your clients. Some would argue that providing quality service is sufficient to ensure...


The Business Development Training Pyramid: A Scalable Model for Affordable Coaching

One of the most salient insights we learned from our recent market-wide study was that not all business development training is created equal. Different firms, practice areas, industry groups, and lawyers require different types of...


Webinar Highlights: Business Development Trends Across Law Firm Demographics

Watch the video for a 15-minute summary of our 2018 market-wide study. You will learn:

  • Which marketing initiatives are a waste of money and which yield a high ROI.
  • The most effective type of BD coaching for the different groups of lawyers within...

5 Business Development Strategies in a #MeToo World



The Sign of an Effective Pitch

If you play your cards right, your various business development efforts will culminate in pitch opportunities with your prospective clients. The pitch meeting is your moment to shine. You’ll only get one shot to dazzle them, so it’s important to...


3 Business Development Mistakes to Avoid

We're all guilty of making occasional mistakes. But sometimes we make the same ones over and over again. As we leave the first month of the new year, reflect on these and see if you can break the pattern.


4 Tips for Canceling a Meeting

Now that the year is in full swing, it’s only a matter of time before we find ourselves overcommitted and double-booked. But if we aren’t careful, our attempt to exit from an obligation can damage our relationships and our professional...


Holiday Gifts: A Post-Game Assessment

The holidays are behind us, and the first week of the year has ramped up in full force. But before you say goodbye to the season, take advantage of this opportunity to learn from your many benefactors’ offerings.


Three Themes for 2018

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you may recall that I like to use Chris Brogan’s “My 3 Words” concept when it comes to New Year’s planning. Instead of making resolutions that rarely survive a month, or strategic plans that often...


How to Prepare for a Successful New Year

It’s December. You made it. You need a break.


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